Welcome to Zenger Farm

We are a working urban farm that models, promotes and educates about sustainable food systems, environmental stewardship, community development and access to good food for all.

Farm Fields and Barn

Growing Food in the City


With busy Foster Road whizzing by just outside the Zenger Farm gate, first-time visitors may be surprised to find a working farm right here in the city. 


What We Grow:

At Zenger Farm we grow four acres of mixed vegetables and fruits, we raise laying hens year-round and turkeys seasonally. We raise bees for the production of honey and the pollination of annual and perennial food crops and we keep a large population of Red Wiggler worms to compost farm waste.


How We Grow: 

Using sustainable farm practices, we grow safe and healthy food today, and protect this urban parcel of farmland and the downhill wetland for generations to come. We do not use chemical fertilizers or pesticides, but instead, provide habitat for a diverse population of beneficial insects, and rotate our flock of laying hens throughout the farm fields to control weeds and provide nutrients for the soil. For more information about our farm practices, visit the farm!


Where Does the Food Go?

While the average bite of food travels 1500 miles to get from farm to fork, produce grown at Zenger Farm stays right here in Portland, Oregon. Find Zenger Farm veggies at these local restaurants. Or, to enjoy a share of the farm's harvest weekly from June-November, join our CSA program, Zenger Farm Shares (EBT accepted).


Farming Internship Program

Farming Internship (stipend included): Full Season. 2014 APPLICATIONS CLOSED.

Farming Interns participate in all aspects of small-scale production farming, learning to grow annual crops from seed to harvest and care for farm livestock. Interns receive on-the-job training and hands-on education over the course of a full growing season.

Farming Internship: Position Description & Application 2014


Summer Farm Internship (unpaid): Summer Season. 2014 APPLICATIONS CLOSED.

Summer Farm Interns will join the full-season farm crew in the fields for two days a week during the busy summer months. The Summer Farm Internship will offer hands-on experience and training in basic farm skills from seeding to harvest.

Summer Farm Internship: Position Description & Application 2014 (accepting applications until filled)